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You know wicked smiles and fleeting attention are not the foundation for loving relationships.

But how do you stop pouncing Naughty and start playing Nice?

Remember: be respectful in the discussion, and generally excellent to one another. The recently published JDATE is written by David Wong, except not really.

He asks you out.” This is very simple advice, perhaps brilliantly simple. Just like women can be shy around guys they like, couldn’t the same be true for guys?

Aren’t there men who need the encouragement in advance, to bolster their confidence that, if they ask, they’re assured a ‘yes’?

Here’s an excerpt from the A/V Club review: Once upon a time, David was a boring video-store clerk without much of a social life.

Usually when I hear about a book like Eric Schaeffer’s “I Can’t Believe I’m Still Single,” I do an internet search for the publisher or PR agency, send them an email, and ask for a review copy so I can write about it in the Jewish Week.

Or read the first chapter, with tales of partying at the Playboy mansion with Robert Downey Jr, how the “brother dynasty” got started, and how he refused to play the pos “Usual Suspects” Hollywood game that could have launched him to superstardom and instead chose to co-star with Pauly Shore in “Bio-Dome.” No joke.) I’m often sent books about being single, dating, and the relationship between men and women.

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