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Our goal is to bring cryptocurrency trading to a new level, to make the process as transparent and honest as possible. Home, farm, industrial, and oil&gas models, the latter with no emitted GHGs. Key Goals: 10 Countries, 100K Clients, $250M/Yr in 10-years.

We actively trade on the cryptocurrency market, invest and promote both established and new cryptocurrencies with a great potential Energy system for converting solar, waste heat, carbon-fuels to 25 to 100 k W electricity. We started over 2 years ago with the innovative idea of renting cars to Uber drivers!

Investment proceeds are for the development of a Zero Emissions Self-Sustaining Engine (ZESSE) power system to be placed into an Electric Vehicle to allow for unlimited mileage with zero emissions. The proven safe and easy to use barbeque perfect for any park setting is coming to North American parks.

These electric or gas barbeques have low operating and maintenance costs, are environmentally friendly, promoting parks, wellbeing and lifestyle.

The Canadian population is multi-cultural, but 90% of this population finds it difficult to get elegant best deals for special events at low prices. But when is it too much to pay for something that is already ours? Let's combine my brains and your cash and make an everlasting difference in the communications sector.

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