Dating in china for foreigners

Back in 2009, she wrote a post ruminating on why relationships like hers are so rare and cited cultural and racial stereotypes of both Chinese and foreigners, parental pressures, inferiority complexes (on the part of the men), intimacy issues and financial factors as the primary reasons why there are relatively few foreign women married to Chinese men, particularly those from the Mainland.

More recently she posted about "three things [she] wished she had known about dating in China" – maxims that seem to apply to any intercultural relationship.

Jocelyn Eikenburg hails from Ohio and met her Chinese husband in Hangzhou.

For the past few years she's been blogging on Speaking of China – where she's gained a following by writing about her perspectives on being a foreign woman married to a Chinese man.

In the posters, a young woman is seduced by "Da Wei", or David, who woos her to get access to secret documents she has.

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