Dating handsome man

Meet the ridiculously good-looking man who was reportedly told to leave Saudi Arabia for being too handsome.

Omar Borkan Al Gala, an actor and photographer from Dubai, was given his marching orders along with a number of other men at a cultural festival earlier this month.

recently) divorced, and you’re wondering if dating this man is a good idea. Some people might automatically say you shouldn’t date anyone who falls into this category, but I’m not a fan of telling someone whether they date someone. My approach is to help you get super realistic about what you want, and what you’re getting into, so that you can make your decision to stay or leave as as possible.

You probably have a million questions on your mind. With that said, if you meet someone you’re really attracted to, but the ink on his divorce papers hasn’t yet had time to dry, you are going to need to approach some things differently if you want to minimize the risk of getting your heart broken.

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