Dating god way

If you have any doubt on how to dress, dress as if you were attending a job interview. In I Thessalonians 4:3b, the Bible instructs "You should avoid sexual immorality." Sexual immortality is Biblically defined as having sex outside marriage and extra-marital affairs.

God commands us to be pure, to wait until we are married to have sex.

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You could be engaged and SO close to the wedding day-- HOW do you abstain?!?

Well, this post may be for you if any of the above applied to you.

He said that he felt like he received more respect at work and from friends than he did at home.

I had been a single mom for years and had worked hard raising my girls all alone.

We not only spent time getting to know each other, but also attended church events together and participated in community outreach projects. We prepared a marriage ceremony and reception that gave God the glory, and we thought that our life together would be great.

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