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Working with Pittendrigh, Daan developed many of the theoretical foundations for understanding the dynamics of circadian oscillators. Many other studies have followed, shifting the focus from behavioural black box models to testable hypotheses about underlying molecular mechanisms. He regularly conducts "Bible Expositions" in specific venues (stadiums, public places, etc.) where the people can ask him personally on biblical issues, the Exposition is then recorded and broadcast as this show.

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Eli Soriano aired daily on UNTV, the country's Public Service television channel.

The image is placed in the infobox at the top of the article discussing Ang Dating Daan, a subject of public interest.

In 2005, the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB, Philippines) banned Soriano's Programs (including this one) because of statements made by Soriano against the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), and the MTRCB.

He was prohibited from uttering libellous and defamatory statements against INC.

Over time, the animosity between the two groups has intensified and the relationship has been severely strained.

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