Dating contracts

Dating contracts act as a written agreement between teens and their parents.They specify that dating is a privilege and spell out appropriate and inappropriate dating activity.However, I wanted something — actually, many things — in exchange for my sacrifice.

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Critics say the legislation retracts existing protections against customers being locked into contracts indefinitely. support the bill, according to the analysis.“Our investigations reveal that the consumer protections have greater need in the online arena, not less,” Allen said.

The law was proposed to make it easier for online-dating companies to comply with state rules, according to an analysis by the committee that reviewed the bill Tuesday. He works in the Consumer Protection Unit, a team within the Santa Cruz County District Attorney’s Office.

Is the person obligated under the contract for the remainder of the service fee -- about $800?

The matchmaker has threatened to take this person to small claims court if the balance is not paid.

However, after only three weeks and one match, the individual who had entered into the contract met someone -- not a client of the matchmaking service -- and no longer had need of the matchmaking service.

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