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” have something in common: They start talking to a woman by asking her personal questions. This is because socializing is always a bit stressful.

It isn’t immediately obvious, but even seemingly innocuous questions like “Where are from? When you ask people for personal information about themselves, you’re making it even more stressful.

As with Dublin, it’s a city I’ve been [...]I’ve always felt at home in airports.

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I’m challenging you to go on the ten dates and see what you learn about yourselves from the experience. But think of them as an assignment and not optional, because, take my word for it, they will greatly benefit you both. The Bon Appétit Date Are you hoping your significant other loves to cook or help in the kitchen?

My advice is to work through these dates throughout the New Year, allowing yourself a healthy amount of time to develop your relationship. Maybe s/he hates being in the kitchen and needs a recipe to boil water.

As both a single woman and Dating Coach, who decidedly didn’t date during election season, I am constantly trying to understand and process repeated new challenges when it comes to Modern Dating.

Naively, I thought that it would get better once the election was over, and perhaps it would have been if the election itself hadn’t turned out to be an “Us versus Them” world now.

It feels as if its affected most of our social conventions, especially as we try to figure out why people we love and respect voted the way they did.

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