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The road to Orrefors winds through deep forests of spruce that open suddenly on darkly glistening lakes, and meadows and farmhouses set behind stonewalls.

Here are the elements that gave rise to glassblowing, and which are reflected today in the finished glass; the ripples across the water, the sunbeams that penetrate the tall, dense stands of spruce, and the crystal-clear air.

The first jugs were of Old Charley ( night watchman )and John Barleycorn (personification of whiskey).

Other initial modelers were Leslie Harradine, Harry Fenton, Max Henk, and David Brian Biggs.

Málaga was the first centre of Hispano-Moresque ware, before it developed in the region of Valencia, and then to Italy, where it was used to enhance maiolica.

In the 16th century lustred maiolica was a specialty of Gubbio, noted for a rich ruby red, and at Deruta.

These drinking vessels became popular and referred to as Toby Jugs.

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