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Wenzloff And Sons Dovetail Saw Lie Nielsen 16" Thin Plate Tenon Saw Disston Brass Back Miter Saw Vintage J.

Tyzack And Son Sheffield England Brass Backed Tenon Saw 14" 11tpi Vintage Early J.

Flint Brass Back Tenon Hand Saw Rochester Split Nut 14 Inch Disston D115 24" 10pt.

Fine Crosscut Panel Saw (circa 1928) Hand Sharpened Lie Nielsen Tapered Carcass Saw G H Buck London Spring Brass Back Tenon Saw Old Woodworking Tool Saw Jackson Back Saw Open Handle Vintage Henry Disston & Sons Back Saw Brass Back 14 Inch Blade Henry Disston & Sons 10" Mitre Back Saw Atkins No. Rip (high Grade Saw) Hand Sharpened R Groves Sheffield Back Saw Split Nuts Antique English Steel Backed Dovetail/tenon Saw By Melvin London C 1900.

Unfortunately, the Atkins saw works was located downtown in a prime redevelopment area near Lucas Oil Stadium, and no known remains of the factory exist today.

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