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A public record is a blanket term used to describe any publicly available information kept on file by a local, state or federal government. Most records made public are kept to track changes in the population, such as births, deaths, marriages and domestic partnerships. The type of record for which you are searching typically determines where you should begin your search.

Freedom of Information Act have put more of the records held by the U. Government into more-accessible forums such as the National Archives where private citizens can access these records and use them for a variety of purposes. Census data and other pieces of interesting data are typically available on a county-by-county basis or at the state level.

The Bristol events at Pam Pam in Clifton are not billed as speed dating - rather as "a low-key, friendly environment where you can meet new people and maybe a new partner".

To encourage people to sign up early, some tickets are free, then cost from £5, £10, £15 up to £20, just like low-cost airline pricing policies.

A third version holds that, in early decades of European settlement, the area was referred to in French as "le front royal", meaning the British frontier.

French settlers, trappers, and explorers in the Ohio Territory of the mid-18th century were referring to the land grant made by King Charles II, then in control of Thomas, Lord Fairfax, Baron of Cameron.

Internet dating sites make searching for love easy and hassle free.

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