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I like it but then again wish he wasn't so controlling so I show him who is boss when it is especially needed.

He is an amazing father, provider, lover, and best friend.

I still feel like it was perfect people, wrong timing. We still stay in contact with each other and meet up for coffee every once in a while. I have been with 13x the amount of partners than he, and he still blows them all out of the water.

I am so in love with my masculine Taurus sweetheart ---7 months. We get along so well and its true I am a Virgo too and dated two Taurus men (not at the same time) and both of them seem to want to keep me but also date other women. Then I went traveling and found out he had made out with his ex while I was away. Then after 4 years, and him having a baby with a past girlfriend, we are back together.

A Cancer woman is an extremely is sensitive and loving creature with caring words and supportive actions.

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