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Listen, I can totally understand why you might want to date a model… Guys want to know you and be your friend, because they think you have a lot of money or some Jedi level game. And I can tell you, I will NEVER date another model for as long as I live. There are two things that come to mind other than looks, which make dating a model better than dating a normal girl and they are: Women want to be with you, because they see you with an incredibly attractive woman, who is usually the best looking on a night out in a club or bar, deeming you as a high value male.

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For a lot of men, dating models is nothing more than a dream.

Some guys think they can never compete with all of the other good looking, wealthy singles who date beautiful women.

Everyone dreams of the opportunity to date a model.

We stare at their pictures in the magazines and think about how wonderful it would be to have someone that beautiful beside you.

Dating a Model Dating a model isnt as unattainable as you think it might be.

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