Dating a metrosexual man

Shutterstock There’s nothing wrong with dating a guy who is metrosexual.

In fact, some women get all sorts of benefits from dating a guy who is metro because most of these men tend to have an eye for things that most guys don’t.

If your self esteem is delicate, a metrosexual can do some damage. A person who cares for his appearance is one thing; a person who worships his appearance for hours in front of a mirror is another.

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my only consolation is perhaps the fact that he hasn't waxed his body hair off. It's sexy and appealing because it's a sign of rugged raw masculinity).

Metrosexual is one of those funny new words that you probably feel rather silly saying aloud.

He has smooth, exfoliated skin (thanks to those weekly facials) and an artfully messy faux hawk (thanks to gallons of hair gel).

Ok, bragging time: As a well-groomed, well-mannered metro dude, your boyfriend is pretty much an Adonis.

No more whining during shopping We know how men hate shopping and worse when they’re accompaning their women.

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