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De schrijvers van de serie zijn zich hier bewust van, en daarom worden er vaak ook grapjes over de titel gemaakt tijdens de intro van de show.

In Nederland wordt de serie sinds 23 maart 2010 op NET 5 uitgezonden en herhaald door Comedy Central Family in Vlaanderen sinds begin september 2010 op VIJF.

This isn't about getting a girlfriend, and it isn't about impressing your friends.

It's about down and dirty sex, any time you want it, with no strings attached. I've been playing the "pick-up" game for a long time, both at the bars and online, and I can tell you cougars are the most well-kept secret to satisfying all of your male desires. If you've struck out trying to pick up the 20-somethings in your city, you've probably taken some harsh rejections.

Amy Luna Manderino stumbled into her 2010 cougar cruise experience somewhat accidentally -- by winning tickets after accompanying a friend to a cougar event. we didn’t share the same values and priorities.” Manderino –- who got more involved with cougar events after the cruise, and was even crowned 2011’s Miss Cougar International -– is just one of hundreds of singles who have gone on cougar cruises.

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