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in Unknown on line 0 Fatal error: The file /var/www/tongohost/data/www/ encoded with the PHP 5.5 ion Cube Encoder and requires PHP 5.5 to be Unknown on line 0 -bash-4.2$ Update module to php 5.4 version, here cron log: Starting Running Pre-Cron Hooks Starting Updating Currency Exchange Rates - Updated RUB Exchange Rate to 58.53481 - Update Failed for UAH Exchange Rate - Done Starting Updating Product Pricing for Current Exchange Rates - Done Starting Generating Invoices - 0 Invoices Created Starting Applying Late Fees - Late Invoice Fees added to 0 Invoices Starting Processing Credit Card Charges Starting Processing Invoice Reminder Notices - Sent 0 Unpaid Invoice Payment Reminders - Sent 0 Reminders Starting Processing Domain Renewal Notices - Sent 0 Notices Starting Processing Cancellation Requests - Processed 0 Cancellations Starting Processing Overdue Suspensions Still no backup also no email with stats and archive.If you want to add, remove or modify the information about a server please add a comment.

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Than I found that anymore backups and stats, but emails work OK.

Long time I getting email with DB backup and billing stats.

The XMPP Federation has a list of public ejabberd servers where you can submit your Jabber server or search for a public server near you to register a free account.

Public server for everyone with transports to icq, aim, msn and yahoo using python transports and JMC for mail notification (POP3 or IMAP, also with SSL) to your roster.

Software: ejabberd Previous software: the first choice was ejabberd :-) Transports/Additional: Py ICQt, Py AIMt, Py MSNt, Py YIMt, JMC and mod_webpresence Language: German Location: Cologne, Germany Date: 2008, June Website: Server 1: non-public since June 2006 chat.somewhere in the United States...

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