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He has also appeared in the 2009 horror film Smile as the mysterious Tollinger. S., he has participated in several film projects and humanitarian endeavors in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania and Bulgaria.Net lending ( )/ borrowing (-) is calculated as revenue minus total expenditure.

In earlier strips, his hair was shown smoother, and his curl was drawn smaller, a change which was noted in a gag illustration. In the Volume 5 Special Booklet, Himaruya notes that he's changed the way Italy's hair falls, and it now appears shorter and more spread out as opposed to longer and falling to the sides of his head.

In his first appearance in both versions of the manga, and the first two episodes of the anime, he wore a tan uniform that looked similar to his brother's, aside from being drawn as a jumpsuit in the manga (though it was shown as a two-piece suit in the anime).

He is the representation of the northern part of Italy and is part of the Axis Powers.

He is also referred to as Italy Veneziano (イタリア・ヴェネチアーノ Itaria Venechiāno).

As a child, he wore dresses, and was often mistaken for a girl by Holy Roman Empire Italy is a cheerful, energetic man, who although being the kin of Ancient Rome, is an irresponsible crybaby. Although he relies on Germany a lot, Italy doesn't really listen to what he says and instead daydreams or wanders off.

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