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I'm all for women who get plastic surgery, because plastic surgery allows you to make your outer appearance resemble your inner appearance — fake...

She lives by one rule, and it's the rule of the sea.

While this is a big step for the former boy bander, we're not exactly sure were onboard with this new single. Related: Liam Had 'Internal Battle' Over Baby Name In fact, Mr.

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But when the chorus came around, things got lost in translation for Biebs — so he improvised some of the lyrics.

Instead of singing, with James Corden — but we're not the only ones to notice!

He was like, "Son, sex is a lot like this egg." "Dad, I think those are drugs." "Whatever, queer." "Why does everyone keep saying that? You take a woman and crack her over the head and lie her flat. Don't stand too close or you'll get yellow stuff all over your bacon" What? That's the lava game, when you pretend that the floor is lava and you climb up on all the furniture. I'd tell my mom, "I want a Nintendo." and she'd reply "The floor is lava!

I see some of you holding your stomach and feeling: "No, you shouldn't." That's a breakfast joke. If you don't laugh at that, you're gonna be sleepy around .

I've dated girls with boob jobs, breast enlargements, but she was an A cup and that's gross. But he wasn't used to the light, 'cause it was bright, and he walked into traffic and was killed instantly. One time I put a WWJD bracelet on my Jewish friend's wrist. He threw it on the ground and it turned into a snake. Help us to expand our database and send best quotes from Daniel Tosh you know by using the form below.

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