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bobiscool:hey hi hey lolololoollll iamsohot:hi bobiscool:asl iamsohot:49/f/nebraska bobiscool:6/m/america iamsohot:kool wats ur name bobiscool:bobiscool iamsohot:no ur reel name bobiscool:bobby jimson iamsohot:wana kis bobiscool:ya iamsohot:smooch bobiscool:smooch iamsohot:lol!!!1111 i g2g c u bye bobiscool:bye iamsohot:wat is ur adres bobiscool:464 cinnamon way iamsohot:k bye The next day Bobby's parents went to his room to see how he was doing,and found his head chopped off. Original audio, all faces & private parts can be seen in the video.

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This obviously lead to me having fantasies about my own dad. I'll let you spark me and I'll suck you and you can fuck me hard Stranger: You and your real dad ever done anything? I'm curious to what he looks like and when the picture loads, it's a picture of my ACTUAL dad in his ACTUAL bathroom. I turned over as the door opened and my dads silhouette was in the doorframe.

Though I never planned on making a move, it was a fun thought. He was standing there naked holding his phone up with his hard cock in the other hand.

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