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First a violin maker working temporarily at Valence-on-the-Rhone. In choosing from these better class ones we prefer the examples having octagonal sticks (medium red), for they seem stronger and more elastic than the round. Several German firms of the present day stamp some of their productions with the name ADAM. Employed by Hill & Sons (London) for several years. Specialist in bow-making - specimens very similar to the Dodd - completely artistic and reliable - deserve to be more sought for - some beautifully mounted. Retired from the Civil Service 1924 and joined his son (William Samuel Day, Junior, born 1887) at the latters violin-making establishment at Plymouth. No adherence to any particular model, but rather favoured the Guarnerius. Easily positioned, haughty looking but dignified scroll adds character and point to the whole. Some instruments varnished with a special spirit preparation. Produced several interesting violins very Rocca-like. Unfortunately, this has been retarded by his occasional descent into the production of cheaper and a kind of commercial instrument for which he received £10. Lan 1884--------------------------------------------------------175 is the number of the instrument. Returned to Mirecourt 1790 and devoted himself solely to bow-making until death, 1820. His bows (largely made for the trade) are not very skilfully finished or balanced. Enjoyed the personal friendship of Sarasate, Carrodus, and other noted violinists. Pupil (in woodwork) of Gottardo at Venice, and (in violin making) of Pezzoni at Cremona. Workmanship distinguished in a pre-eminent degree, specially refined finish of the inner edges of the sound-holes. Purplish-mahogany shade of varnish doctored up etc., to look like genuine old age.

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Top quality everything, special machine heads, new ebony fingerboard, Belcanto strings, high quality bridge, best German endpin. Happy to ship abroad at cost and will be well packaged. Certification: Instrument is dated and labelled Photos and details on request Akos Balazs Gold Series, Budapest, 2007Violin shape, flat back, gold series double bass by Akos Balazs Budapest circa 2007: Length of back - 114.2cm (45.00in) Width across upper bouts - 54.0cm (21.26in) Width across middle bouts - 39.0cm (15.25in) Width across lower bouts - 68.6cm (27.000in) Depth of lower ribs including both plates- 24.2cm (9.50in) Body Stop - 60.3cm (23.75in) String length - 104.7cm (41.24in) Certification: Labelled and dated by original maker plus proof of purchase Kuhnla double bass bow Steffen Kuhnla stamped French bow for sale.

Unique ‘C Extension’, with four ‘Turnbuckle’ clips. Certification: Sourced from a professional specialist. Ken Miller London 2010Lovely handmade instrument from the late Ken Miller. Bought in December 2016, Fantastic Sartory copy weighing 136-137gms, made especially for String Emporium, where I bought it, & selling fast in the US. Certification: Not available Old Milanese doublebass Old Milanese doublebass labeled Montani Costante, via Gian Giacomo Mora 37 Milano, 1880.

Whether or not the wolf was domesticated during the early Upper Palaeolithic remains a controversial issue.

We carried out detailed analyses of the skull material from the Gravettian Předmostí site, Czech Republic, to investigate the issue.

Double bassist and to Italian type construction using spruce front with maple sides and poplar back. Great orchestra bow, draws big sound, great spiccato, & really responsive. Scale Length: 108 cm, Upper Bout Width: 51 cm, Lower Bout Width: 63 cm. Certification: Valuation document Jozef Bartoszek 1966 4/4 Double Bass Hello!

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