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Under the command of Edward Smith, who went down with the ship, Titanic carried some of the wealthiest people in the world, as well as hundreds of emigrants from Great Britain and Ireland, Scandinavia and elsewhere throughout Europe seeking a new life in North America.The first-class accommodation was designed to be the pinnacle of comfort and luxury, with an on-board gymnasium, swimming pool, libraries, high-class restaurants and opulent cabins.Titanic only carried enough lifeboats for 1,178 people—slightly more than half of the number on board, and one third of her total capacity.

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Ba-137m has a half-life of about 153 seconds, and is responsible for all of the emissions of gamma rays in samples of caesium-137.

85.1% of metastable barium then decays to ground state by emission of gamma rays having energy 0.6617 Me V .

) were determined in sediment from several fresh water lakes in the New York State Adirondack Preserve.

Included were Big Moose and Darts Lakes, part of the North Branch of the Moose River system, as well as North, Sagamore, South, and Woods Lakes and the ‘seepage pond’, Tamarack Lake.

“I would say possibly hundreds of thousands were killed… Sea birds are top predators,” [Heather Renner, biologist with Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge] said. They have definitely let us know that there’s change going on in the ocean ecosystem”…

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