Cost of updating a computer system

As you may know, the free upgrade will move you to the same edition of Windows that you're currently running. Or, what if you are planning on building your own system and want to install Windows 10 from scratch? Figure A As you can see, this is how Microsoft will be doling out the free editions of Windows 10.

As Microsoft puts it on the Windows 10 Q&A page: However, what if you get Windows 10 Home and then decide that you would like Windows 10 Pro? For those getting the Pro edition of Windows 10, this will be perfect.

At that time, it's projected that about $80 million in state money will have been spent creating the Unified Health Infrastructure Project (UHIP).

The federal government has offered a series of grants to states to develop and expand new computerized eligibility systems for health exchanges and expanded Medicaid programs under the Affordable Care Act.

But at the Internal Revenue Service, millions of dollars are still being spent to upgrade computers to the 6-year-old Windows 7 operating system, which is two generations outdated.

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