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Now June is not uncommon, and who's to say when May will see the onset of fantasy dates.Occasionally this comes up as a point of complaint on librarians' (especially catalogers') email discussion lists, but the prevailing attitude is that in 5-10 years a fudge factor of 6 months to a year won't matter in the scheme of literary output.

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For compilations or derivative works which incorporate previously published content, use the year of first publication of the compilation or derivative work.

New versions or editions of works should contain the publication date of the new version or edition.

Even the idea create a temporary table holding only primary key and Column b, and then apply cursor to it is slow. Would u please help me how can i faster my procedure.u have given information 9i it same for oracle8i & dev6i.please help me Thank u very much for ur kind update information is really nice and working very insert----same prolem. That means -- just using math here -- that we have 600 seconds, 12,000 queries to run, 12000/60 = 20, so we are doing 20 per second -- or each query is taking 0.05 cpu seconds to run. do anything 12,000 times and you might have a problem tho! this might be one of the rare times that a temp table can be useful.

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Adrenaline and noradrenaline will remain as the approved names in Australia.

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