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F12 ("Go To Declaration") works on the Logger import, but breaks on all the jmime imports.

Oh, one other thing, if I go to the 'Packages' view in the "Projects" window the "com.hunnysoft.jmime" package appears and I can see ALL of the classes I imported in the code snippet above under "Libraries".

If an origin requests a client-side certificate, Cloud Front drops the request. For more information, see Serving Compressed Files.

When Cloud Front receives a request for an object that has expired from an edge cache, it forwards the request to the origin either to get the latest version of the object or to get confirmation from the origin that the Cloud Front edge cache already has the latest version.

Repository Services and Updated my local repository (so that Intelli J would reindex the repository contents). Intelli J's intention mechanism picks up and recognizes the Logger import in the maven pom file just fine.

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