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She reconsidered, however, when she thought about the message the photo would send.“I felt this could be really powerful for the communities that I represent,” Cox told the magazine.Politicians said it, newspaper editorials echoed it, populations repeated this dumb expression by the million.

On the radio, there have been ten series plus a number of specials, including one devoted to the BBC radio soap The Archers, one to Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee, and an episode focusing on Tony Blair in May 2007.

The television incarnation aired its fifth series in 2005, including a special devoted to the United Kingdom General Election on 5 May to start the six-part series, and a Christmas programme on 23 December.

Response to the royal gossip is why Disney fairytales should come with a warning that anyone who dares capture the heart of a prince will be publicly tried as a witch.

If she sinks, she’s obviously a gold digger and if she floats her boobs aren’t real.

The US was going to launch, we were told, “a world war against terror”.

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