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He was asked to comment on his apparent split from Sharon: before he could be asked about the website, however, Egan replied: 'Have you spoken to Sharon?

' before ducking any more questions and going inside his house.

Pity, Todd's a wee bit busy with Spartacus, War of the Damned. He had a fling with Belle, a thing with Cassie, and left poor young Matilda heartbroken when he brushed off her earliest advances. But not before Ric got himself into all sorts of trouble, went boxing in some rather dodgy places, and slept with yer wan, what was her name? Mark went on to do Soapstar Superstar in the UK, and we believe he's still working on the music career at the moment. Noah Lawson aka Beau Brady Noah swanned into Summer Bay on a white horse when he saved Hayley Smith from a gang of thugs at a nightclub, and thus began a whirlwind romance that made us all want a boyfriend with blonde tips.

Bad boy Noah managed to reform himself, eventually becoming a counsellor at the Drop-in Centre, and marrying the lovely Hayley not long after she turned 21.

Hollywood This is one of your first major film leads, a very romantic role and it’s opposite Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried.

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