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I may have also started telling all our mutual friends that I liked him and that we had been talking a lot in hopes that the news would reach him...which I guess was kind of sneaky on my part... On our first date, I drove to Michael's hometown and actually met his mom right away! ) That night we had tons of fun being super awkward together and I was so excited to be there with him that I lost track of time and was reeeeally late getting back to my parent's house.

I remember sitting with my mom and saying "please don't let this make you think negatively about Michael because he is the greatest guy and I really like him and I want you to like him too!!

Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham have one of the most confusing relationships in Hollywood.

After they were linked for the first time in summer 2014, they spent a solid few months in happy teenage bliss.

Michael sat in front of me in a class, and to be honest, the first time he walked into the room my thought was that he was super cute. During homecoming, our fraternity and sorority paired together and I somehow worked up the courage to say something to him.

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