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There's an element of risk just flashing a normal BIOS, and especially when you start modifying it, so please attempt this mod at your own risk (and only if you're experiencing some problem).

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And I don`t seem to have put you in a black list :-) I have just had to fire up a browser and have a look at that newfangled pointy-clicky watch-ya-ma-call-it on this here interwebnet thingy.

I found another files, but they are too old too (2002 year) it is possible to extract microcodes from system file "update.sys". I did with ctmc, I took the from the latest build of Windows2003 server Sp1 & extracted the microcodes, then remade 1 large microcode file with ctmc for use with both the intel update utility & the acer one... Our book Fast, Scalable and Secure Webhosting for Web Developers will give you the knowledge to run your site on a speedy, scalable and secure server!

Systém se spustil, ale ne v INIT 5, ale v nějakém Susím grafickém modu, kdy na mne čuměl jen login.

Tak jsem se zalogoval a snažil se to nastavit, aby se pustily X-ka. nechávám si od Suse Studia vygenerovat základní X-systém ke kterému doplním XFCE a pár ostatních potřebných věcí.

It is very difficult to know for sure whether you need a microcode update or not, but it is not safe at all to just ignore them.

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