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So really the whole ecosystem that Tiktaalik and its cousins were moving into back in the Devonian was a new ecosystem. This didn’t exist a hundred million years before – shallow fresh water streams with soils that are stabilized by roots. Because it took plants to do that – to make the [habitats] in the first place.

Here's the link to the original location, with over 160 comments thus far.-------------------------, busts many of the myths surrounding human sexual evolution, based upon contextual evidence from our hominid ancestors as well as our living relatives, namely, the great apes. All the casual sex among bonobos is arguably a big part of what has made them among the smartest of all primates.

We've known for some time that bonobos (previously known as "pygmy chimpanzees") are among the most sexual of all living animals—besides of course, humans. As the great primatologist, Frans de Waal put it, "Chimps use violence to get sex, while bonobos use sex to avoid violence." While chimps victimize each other in many ways—rape, murder, infanticide, warfare between groups—there's never been a single observed case of any of these forms of aggression among bonobos, who are much sexier than chimps. When females are in charge, everyone lives better (including the males). Although female bonobos are about 20% smaller than males—roughly the same ratio as in chimps and humans—they dominate males by sticking together. Until human beings came along and messed things up for them, bonobos enjoyed very high quality of life, low stress, and plenty of social interaction in hammocks.

Here’s the video: If these repeated soakings bolster the sandstone with their additions of iron oxides, one result is that a network of similarly effected tiles may weather out in a “box” like pattern, a phenomenon known as boxwork. ) …Imagine the reinforced cracks, stiff with rust, holding up to the onslaught of weathering while the light centers get etched out into a series of little cubicles. Fluids can soak into solid rock, especially something porous and permeable such as a sandstone, but this slab clearly shows that it’s easiest for those fluids to flow along fractures in the rock; the same fractures that make up the modern edges to the “tile.” Comments/Trackbacks (0) 15 April 2017 My son and I hiked Compton Peak in Shenandoah National Park this morning, and saw these two lovely examples of xenoliths.

The example above is small, but it shows clearly the difference between the coarse, felsic basement rock (Mesoproterozoic granitoid, comprising the xenolith) and the surrounding fine-grained dark green metabasalt of the Catoctin Formation (Neoproterozoic).

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