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CAM charges to be wary of are: Many of these charges should be considered capital expenses or general overhead of the landlord and should be excluded from CAM.

There are many ways a prospective tenant can minimize CAM charges while negotiating the terms of their lease.

In a cautionary statement about the difficulty of breaking into the commercial real estate industry, reporter, Laura De Mars, clearly indicates that even real estate professionals may have a hard time understanding the complexities of CAM fees; “The complexity of the industry makes it tough to break into…” De Mars further states: “At shopping centers, for instance, tenants usually pay for the upkeep of the building through a common-area maintenance (CAM) fee.

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This means that if a tenant is scheduled to have a rent charge on the 1st of every month, on the 1st of every month the system will also charge any applicable CAM charges.

(NOTE: CAM charges will not post to a tenant's ledger prior to the due date, where as rent charges do have that option.)When you create CAM pools in steps 1-3, a new category will automatically be created for you.

During the trial, Mc Millan apologized for his comments, noting that he had been placed on administrative duties in the police department since they came to light.

In June, Curtis was found guilty of aggravated assault, robbery, endangering the welfare of a child, and criminal restraint. He has been sentenced to life in prison plus five years in connection with the beating.

NEWARK -- The police officer who used racial slurs when investigating a brutal attack caught on a "nanny-cam" in a Millburn home in 2013 will not face criminal charges, acting Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn A. Sean Curtis was convicted of severely beating a Millburn woman in May, based largely on evidence of the attack caught on a nanny-cam video.

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