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To draw in white, click on the crayon icon in the top right corner, then click the gradient and drag your finger to the top-left of your screen.

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a hack, but some people don't even know it comes standard on Snapchat!

To turn on big white text, go to your Snapchat feed and click on the settings gear in the top-right corner. Make sure that the "Special Text" feature is turned On.

- Get a look score at 40 (beauty saloon) (to unlock more sex scenes) - Get a sexy dress and buy all the accessories, improve your look as much as possible - Buy office outfit ($2700) - Buy camera if sex : A part of the game is based on luck and the effect of this luck interferes with what you can do later, so this game is pretty sensitive to the initial conditions.

So basically, if you are not lucky at the beginning, it will be harder at the end.

We also looked at how complicated or otherwise they are to use.

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