Brooklyn decker who is she dating

Uh oh, Brooklyn Decker seems to be freaking out after a couple people told her that her Doppleganger is Kevin Bacon.

—and with recent roles on Fox’s “The New Girl” and the movie “Battleship,” it would seem Decker is just getting started.

We caught up with the supermodel today to chat about everything from her date night style to why she never spends Valentine’s Day with her husband Andy Roddick.

Well, Valentine’s Day always falls over the same week as the swimsuit issue reveal, so I’ve been with my girlfriends on Valentine’s Day for the past six years. Andy and I aren’t huge celebrators—I haven’t gotten him a great present, I should work on that! 85% of women said a clean shaven guy was more desirable, so tomorrow at Time Warner Center in New York we’re going to be helping guys out so they can get some action.

We’re trying to break two records: The amount of kisses a couple can exchange in a minute, and the largest shave lesson in history.

I feel comfortable in it, but I don't excel at it, which is exciting. I don't feel at ease at all when I'm shooting.

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