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I was bullied specifically about my teeth for a long time.

So when the time come for my braces to be removed, I was glad to see the back of them. I had a good job, my own little flat,my own car, went on a lot of holidays. By getting a brace I was putting myself in control of something I didn't like about myself instead of complaining.

I often placed myself as centre of attention by dancing on nightclub podiums, overdressing all the time wearing dresses and heels as much as possible and was known as the mental one at work for always wearing crazy costumes. If you have low self esteem both options will cause embarrassment.

There are two types of knee injuries, acute and chronic.

Acute injuries are sudden and traumatic like a broken bone, a torn muscle, or a snapped ligament.

On dates, these same folks often smile with pursed lips.

When laughing, they self-consciously cover their mouth with their hands, not realizing they are bringing more attention to what they hope to hide.

But these increasingly popular tooth-straightening devices are not without risks, warns Professor Robin Seymour, a leading periodontist and former head of Newcastle University's School of Dental Sciences.

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