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And just like that, girls love to be complimented too.

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The aim was for Mother's Day and girl's having their high school formals." Ms Kinsella said items for sale included boutique clothing, nail wraps and car, shoes, scarves, candles, jewellery, cakes and sweets.

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NRS reader Dwain sarcastically said she loves when people ask “are you OK? One reader named Michelle shared a personal tip: “No red wine!

”, which will probably only intensify embarrassment or emotion over a rosacea flare-up. It ALWAYS makes me flush.” Rachel, another reader, added, “For me it's any alcohol.” Even though Valentine’s Day constitutes a special occasion, avoiding your personal triggers is always a good idea. Alice suggested, “Although it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, wear a sunhat and sunblock outdoors. If you’re going to be spending time outdoors, avoid the sun as well as severe cold and harsh winds, as all three are common rosacea triggers. Do what you can to avoid a flare-up, but if the red menace strikes, don’t let it ruin the romance.

For people with rosacea, though, rosy cheeks can quickly turn from charming to embarrassing.

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