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While the dating culture is fairly new in India, it has been through a massive change in the west, right from going on blind dates at a favourite diner to something as simple as swiping right on a preferred dating app.Think about it - the courage needed to walk up to a girl and ask her out for coffee or a drink, and the personality required to hold a conversation, have been completely eliminated by these apps.

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All you need now is a smartphone, a Facebook account and functional fingers.

To make matters even simpler, there are specific apps that match your personality.

When I started this page I wasn't sure what to expect while rounding up these bizarre sites. After all, what can slow you down more than an empty printer, or a lack of blank CD-R disks, magnetic tape and data backup media?

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Because your weight shouldn't act in the way of you finding love, should it? If you're single, and you have a cat, you're in luck. The only dating service for goth singles and emo people. So if you like guys with black nailpaint and eyeliner, this is the place to be. And as you would happen to stumble upon later, so do reptiles. Filter the pretty nonsense right out of the window.

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