Bishounen dating game rider strong dating history

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Best of Bishonen is the one-and-only complete Yaoi art collection appealing to Fujoshi girls, and is also an indispensable guide to understanding this trend.

Featured Illustratorsshishunnki / SUZUKI JIRO / Naoe Marimo / nao tsukiji / fuji mitsuya / toinana / aomiya kara / Shikimi / nagarenaitessyu etc.

If naval history isn’t your thing, you can also find titles featuring comely cars and moe mushrooms.

There’s a new entry in the subgenre though, and judging from its all-pretty boy roster of characters, it’s been designed with female otaku gamers in mind.

Bishounen After Dark Our bishounen spill their secrets in this after-hours tell-all.

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