Best friend dating crush

But sometimes, the heart wants what it wants (sorry for getting Selena Gomez stuck in your head). If you date him, you could lose her friendship forever. It’s worth mentioning that she knows he’s interested in me, but has no idea of my true feelings for him.

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This will enhance your mystery and might actually get your crush intrigued in what is going on with you – and who knows this may be the start of getting interested too.

Don’t fall out with your friend Just because your crush happens to like your friend in a way that he/she does not feel towards you doesn’t mean that you should put your friendship in the cold storage.

He’s made it clear that he would be interested in a relationship and I think if we started dating, we would work well together.

There’s just one thing stopping me, and that is the friend who introduced us.

While you needn’t go out of your way to avoid him/her, just don't make yourself visible all the time.

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