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The chat rooms are teenspot's pride and glory (fuck the forums).Thanks largely in part to deep-cover Anonymous, the knowledge of the workings of the chat rooms has been greatly expanded.

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It's "da place 2 b" for those who have been rejected by the Tom, but couldn't make it to Facebook.

Its user base consists of various cliques of cam whores, faggots, emos, older guys seeking younger girls, and other miscellaneous, lonely people who have no IRL friends.

When Chris invited him - after months of playing online almost every day - to come and have a taste of the real thing, he was idiotic enough to agree.

He told his dad that he was going back to college a week earlier after the summer break and then drove to the little town where Chris said he lived. Chris was loaded, apparently selling guns payed well, and had all the equipment Stiles could only fantasize of; supple leather collars and mittens shaped like dog paws, nice, high quality plugs with silky, curling puppy tails… Chris had a real dog too - Peter, a wolfdog hybrid.

It's rape.4) It's illegal to marry close family members in many cultures because of the risk of reproductive abnormalities.

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