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There are several intense scenes involving frightening Pandoran creatures and plants, as well as tension between Jake's rogue group of pro-Na'vi humans and the rest of the humans sent to Pandora.

The word "s--t" is said several times (as well as its brothers, "bull s--t" and "holy s--t").

Audio will be presented in 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio for the original soundtrack only.

Localized dub tracks will be encoded in lossy audio (DTS or Dolby Digital, depending on the territory). Most web retailers already have it up for preorder. I'm sick of buying the widescreen and fullscreen versions to see all the picture. WHERE'S THE 24/96 IF THIS BLU-RAY MOVIE IS NOT GOING TO COME WITH SPECIAL FEATURES ON A SECOND DISC WHY IS THE DTS-MA AUDIO NOT RECORDED IN 24BIT-96KHZ?

Salty wartime language includes many uses of "s--t" and comparable words.

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