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I got plenty of messages, all the same: You are so cute/sexy/beautiful.All came from men who are 45-60 years old, ugly, and so fat that they have bigger boobs than me.God bless SNL, for bringing America Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, and the latest among the giants, Ms.

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Utilizing the Play Station Eye's face-capture technology, players are placed center stage in starring roles and compete against other contestants in a series of action-packed reality themed TV shows.

Striving to earn popularity and fame in the race to top of the A-list, get ready to strut your stuff and model on the red carpet, perform daring stunts in a chaotic game show, makeover celebrity homes, and much more.

The auditions in Pakistan and India also saw a huge response.

The contestants selected from the auditions will now be mentored by Shafqat Amanat Ali and Shankar Mahadevan.

Orphan Mary Katherine Gallagher, an ugly duckling at St.

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