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Long Review: This book contains great, actionable advice.- The importance of grooming is not only stressed, but men are given simple steps to improve how they present themselves.

While Adago gives some concrete fashion advice, he also urges men to find a look that works for them.

During a time of angst and distress over discontent with a long-term marriage that was not working for me, I began looking for someone to help me in my life's journey.

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I was feeling lost, sad, and completely turned around.

Patti is gifted in many ways, and her candor and warmth, combined with her sharp intelligence allowed me to t...

As most people know, confidence plays a large role in attraction.

Here again Adago is able to give concrete examples of behavior that projects fear and show men how to eliminate it.

If you’re shooting off 10 messages in one sitting, not only are you probably contacting people who aren’t likely to return your interest, but you’re possibly not putting your best foot forward in many of those emails.

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