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These applications capture critical business data from online and offline sources and deliver them on your mobile devices keeping you on top of things anytime anywhere.

It can be the first hook to meeting and further grooming.’ She added: ‘A lot of children are online now.

It is part of their life and growing up, so all the sexual experimentation our generation did offline, they feel natural doing online.’ The issue of Facebook grooming was highlighted in a ‘threat assessment’ carried out by CEOP over the summer, which warned offenders were coercing children into performing ‘harmful and degrading sexual activity online’.‘Without sufficient recognition and intervention from law enforcement, there is every likelihood that this trend will grow.

Free download giving you up-to-date exchange rates.

Each data set is stored on your phone to keep previous rates available even when you are offline.

I’ve seen entire families out to dinner, each member’s attention fixated on an i Phone as they spoon food into mouth, pausing only to breathe and guzzle cola.

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