Application screenupdating false does not work

When using a Debit card enter a letter instead of the date into the reconciled column. Select the row above where you want to insert the rows, this is also the row whose formulas will be copied down. Private Sub Worksheet_Before Double Click(By Val Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) Dim lastrow As Long 'D.

Should someone recognise work of his own here and needs a name to be mentioned or the code removed, please contact me.

The macros shown here are my own selection and should do to get started or help you out on basic projects.

Use your imagination to adjust them to fit in your project, or search for more info on the internet.

The codes here have been tried and verified to work on my Excel 2007 Version.

(I guess technically it will make it run faster since there will be no dialogs, but you know what I mean). This will speed up operations while also providing the user with a better and more tolerable experience. It will be specially usefull with those horrible macros made by the recorder, full of unnecessary "select" and "activate". I had a long-running macro several years ago that took almost a minute to run.

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