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MGMT predestined its current suffering with its first single: The East Coast band's big, bouncy 2008 smash, "Time to Pretend," turned two art-rock kids into festival headliners.

The song—three jubilant minutes of making plans to blow off the world, forget friends and families, and move to Europe to do heroin and have sex—seemed precocious at first.

Few of the bands playing Glastonbury's 40th anniversary this weekend fit the consciousness-expanding ethic of the festival at its best as well as MGMT.

They remain best known for the joyous electro-psychedelic single "Kids", which has soundtracked everything from TV ads to President Sarkozy's election rallies (the band successfully sued).

“This perfume can be interpreted of multiple ways, it can have thousands of faces.” emphasized François Demachy, creator of this manly and sensual harmony, a manly iris mixed with leather, wood, amber and spices.

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