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She talks about her father, who drank and beat his wife, and sometimes abused his daughter, too. Through a friend's new boyfriend, she heard about the possibilities available in Germany. "I thought I'd have my own room, a bathroom and not too many customers," she says.

She learned that a prostitute could easily earn €900 ($1,170) a month there. In the summer of 2009, she and her friend got into the boyfriend's car and drove through Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic until they reached the German capital -- not the trendy Mitte neighborhood in the heart of the city, but near Schönefeld airport, where the name of the establishment alone said something about the owner: Airport Muschis ("Airport Pussies"). For €100 ($129), a customer could have sex for as long and as often as he wanted. There were other Romanians there who knew the man who had brought them there.

Alina is standing in front of her parents' house, one of the oldest in Sânandrei, wearing fur boots and jeans.

She talks about why she wanted to get away from home four years ago, just after she had turned 22.

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