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There’s the belief that Nigerian mothers raise their daughters and spoil their sons…too true.

From the time he comes screaming from her into the world and all rejoice that “it’s a boy!

Thanks to all Nigerian men and women who offered useful suggestions and who shared some of their marital issues during many confidential divorce-prevention sessions we have had at my home).

Nigerian men are well liked in foreign lands because they are thought to be the cream of the African crop.

Why do police serve restraining orders in record numbers on Nigerian husbands who are given the option to leave the home voluntarily or be sent to jail? Mistake 1: YOU WAITED TOO LATE TO MARRYYou are forty-five-year-old, have been in the United States for 10 years or longer, and obtained your Green Card after getting out of a "green-card marriage" with a American lady with whom you have expended money, time and exuberant energy getting to know while you were in the process of growing up in your new country.

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