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To get an idea of how you build and use array formulas in a worksheet, consider the example below.This worksheet is designed to compute the biweekly wages for each employee.However, for many applications, this assumption is unrealistic.

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A program storage device readable by machine, tangibly embodying a program of instructions executable by the machine to perform method steps for determining a boundary for binary classification, the method steps comprising: determining a hyperplane dividing the data set and a slack variable for each vector in the data set given a current value for uncertainty, wherein a weight of each vector on the hyperplane is varied according to the current value for uncertainty for the respective vector and wherein the weight of a respective vector is reduced with increased uncertainty;determining the hyperplane to be the boundary for binary classification of the data set upon determining a termination criterion to be met, wherein the vector of the data set are classified according to the boundary., wherein determining the hyperplane dividing the data set and the slack variable given the current value for noise and updating the value for noise and the slack variable given the hyperplane are performed iteratively until the termination criteria is met. Technical Field The present invention relates to supervised machine learning, and more particularly to system and method for supervised machine learning of binary classification models in the presence of noise. Discussion of Related Art In the field of binary classification (classifying the members of a given set of objects into two groups on the basis of whether they have some property or not), formulations of supervised learning seek a predictor that maps input x to output y.

The predictor is constructed from a set of training examples .

emissions produced with technologies of low efficiency in less affluent, developing countries.

Less apparent is that this relationship between developed and developing can exist within a single country’s borders, with rich regions consuming and exporting high-value goods and services that depend upon production of low-cost and emission-intensive goods and services from poorer regions in the same country.

This same formula is entered into all cells of the array range (R10: R13) as soon as you complete the formula in the active cell R10.

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