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It also features a former beauty queen who became a mainstream actress.

Don't watch it if you're easily offended by sexually graphic scenes. LOL) It's a controversial film (with a very interesting plot) and it was shown abroad which explains why I found English subtitles for it and understood the dialogues.

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Kathy watched Ben and Sue for a few moments, a little bit jealous. She had blonde hair which flowed in cascades of curls to her shoulders.

Though the same height as Kathy, her bust was larger and barely contained by the short, red, strapless dress she was wearing. The way she wriggled and pushed her body against Ben was unseemly, especially in that dress.

For instance, if you go to Quiapo, you'll most likely be approached by guys who'll convince you to buy 'DVD-DVD', which they pronounce 'di-Bi-di', di-Bi-di' The girl’s name is Anna Marie Guttierez, a very good sexy actress in the 80’s. CLUE: He’s now a prominent politician somewhere in Luzon.

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