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More recently is the radiocarbon date of 1950 AD or before present, BP.

During two phases of use, fishing, hunting, and non-wearable prestige goods became markedly more important towards the end of the first phase and dominant during a second phase of cemetery use.

The role of Shamanka II as a cemetery indicate a biased cultural system if reflective of a community population, and appears to have shifted to a special use cemetery with specific demographic and spatial patterning after a hiatus of a century or more during the Early Neolithic.

There appears to be a relationship between the frequency of fishing and hunting gear and radiocarbon dates, and modest relationships between dietary isotopes, radiocarbon dates, and prestige goods.

This suggests that while fishing specialists are present in Early Neolithic society and evidence suggests increasing importance of fishing during two separate phases of cemetery use, their role in providing important food resources did not translate to apparent prestige or wealth in certain grave goods during all periods of use at Shamanka II.

Specific relationships between prestige goods, fishing gear, and functional axes are hypothesized to exist if fishing are an important socioeconomic activity.

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