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We continue to get invited to their kids’ parties, but I have to be honest, I HATE going.

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This can make you feel even more isolated and alone.

You may be feeling guilty as this is a very common feeling for survivors to have.

I don’t recall ever having non-family adults at my parties growing up, and if we had kids I guess maybe it would make more sense to me. taking on jerk-friend qualities, let’s say, if you concoct a bunch of ways to shift blame onto the hosts for somehow making you not want to attend their party. Wish the peanut a happy birthday from us.”Maybe I’m just getting old and uncrabby, but I’m feeling more sympathy for party-throwers these days, not less. If you don’t want the proffered food, then, fine, but I think we’d all do well to resist biting the hand.

I like children related to me, but I’m not really a “kid” person. Or even better -- blaming society for foisting on such innocents like you the institution of the adult invitation to a child’s party that your parents’ generation was much too sensible to impose. Dear Carolyn: This may be an odd question but I am wondering if you have any tips for how to wind up a conversation. Endings can feel rude or even unkind, in an “OK, I’m done with you now” kind of way.

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